As classroom teachers with decades of experience, we’re highly attuned to the significance of ACT testing and the necessity of effective, approachable preparation opportunities. The existing educational software options available to schools are largely generic and expensive. Further, they fail to target ACT-specific material or question formatting – a frustrating experience for families and educators alike. ScoreSurge was born of the philosophy that students on their ACT preparation journey deserve, and can have, better.


A teacher at Oak Ridge Schools had this to say about using Score Surge: 

  • My very first test student raised his composite score by 3 points with only 10 days’ work! 
  • ScoreSurgePrep meets students exactly where they are and helps them help themselves to score higher on the ACT by maximizing their time investment in prepping for the test.  
  • Because ScoreSurgePrep shows both students and instructors exactly which ACT standards students have or have not mastered, students have the ability to focus on learning what they don’t already know rather than just hoping for the best.  
  • Nothing is a cure-all when it comes to test-prep, but ScoreSurgePrep gives students the best opportunity to get the score they need. 


ScoreSurge effectively helps students, teachers, and administrators confidently approach test preparation by offering analysis and guidance based on actual retired ACT assessments. The utilized tests are published and made available by the ACT Corporation. Our ability to familiarize students with both the content and formatting of the test increases confidence and focuses needed areas of targeted practice and support. While other available performance reports are costly and generic, ScoreSurge was specifically crafted to be affordable, detailed, and student-specific. Further, our reports are available instantaneously.


ScoreSurge is unique in both report content and functionality. Our software quickly identifies patterns in student responses, allowing results to be easily interpreted and organized for a practice plan. ScoreSurge student and teacher reports analyze skill level and accuracy across all ACT content areas, highlighting specific needs for student growth. As our product is derived directly from retired official ACT tests, students can feel confident they’re wisely utilizing study time. Our software makes goal-setting simple and provides quick, clear feedback as students work toward their specific test performance goals. Individual students can work on specific areas of need, while schools can target necessary instruction utilizing twelve retired ACT tests.


At ScoreSurge, we’re committed to effective, targeted ACT practice for students and schools. Leaning on decades of classroom expertise and experience with existing digital test prep products, we’ve crafted a uniquely detailed, flexible, valid ACT preparation experience that honors student time and effort toward reaching their own test goals. ScoreSurge narrows the content field to material actually present on the ACT; when student practice utilizes previous exams, skill gaps and weaknesses are effectively identified. Further, we believe in approachability. Removing the mystery of what might be encountered on the exam allows students to more quickly hone in on areas of need while schools can effectively improve instruction – all for a legitimate, reasonable financial investment.

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