"Breaking down incorrect answers to a T"

"ScoreSurge helps me by showing not only what questions I miss, but it shows me the types of questions, which helps me the next time I take the ACT.” -Anyiel

I love SSP

"It's doing exactly what it should: providing targeted feedback for targeted instruction." -Allen Etheridge, Oak Ridge High School

"I believe ScoreSurge pay dividends for students in their preparation for the ACT."

"With 16 years of teaching experience, I have seen firsthand the pressures that students face with standardized testing. Especially in the classroom setting, I have utilized ScoreSurge's detailed score reports, its color coding system to track strengths and weaknesses, and its user-friendly graphs to chart progress." Eddie Mendence, Maryville High School

" I have yet to experience an ACT platform such as ScoreSurge!"

It breaks down each section of the test (English, Math Reading, and Science) into exact skills. For example in English, reports show apostrophes, commas, colons, and so on so students know specifically what areas they have mastered (green), are close to mastery (yellow), and need to improve (red). 

These specific reports will help students identify and target areas to improve.  My school purchased it for each of my students, and they love it.

- Dexter Day, Heritage High School

CJ says ScoreSurge Prep showed him exactly what he needed to study!

ScoreSurge uses retired ACT tests to prep students, so they know exactly what to expect during test time.

“Without ScoreSurge preparing for the ACT was very overwhelming.” - LR

LR’s ACT score started as a 12 on the reading portion. After he used ScoreSurge to prepare, his test scores jumped to 25!

“A point can be the difference between thousands of dollars” - Natasha, High School Teacher & Parent

Natasha’s son was willing to put in the effort and use ScoreSurge as his method of test preparation. His score jumped up 5 points in just one school year!

“Having a higher ACT score gives me the opportunity to play college baseball.” - Brody

Brody used ScoreSurge Prep to prepare for the ACT and his score went from a 25 to a 30!

Parker earned an 8 point gain!

"ScoreSurge showed me exactly what questions I missed on ACTs and what skills I needed to practice. It also helped me break each section down so that it was not overwhelming."

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