ScoreSurge allows you to import user information for an entire student population, an entire grade level, or a specific subset of students while choosing whether to set up sections of teachers and students and whether to import the most common demographics tracked in educational data.  

If your school is looking to give practice and analysis to all students with the least amount of effort, just create users and be ready to start practicing and analyzing results for detailed reports about the skills tested and student performance.

If your school wants to create instructional groups, then section IDs can be imported, and designated teachers can be given access to student performance in order to target instruction for groups and individuals based on need.  

If your school would like to track performance based on specific demographic criteria, import the demographic data needed so that the comparison reports can help you identify gaps and trends.  This program will allow schools to help subgroups of students and to assist students who need the most support.

Don’t have a lot of technology support?  Use the “create an account with a code” option so that you don’t have to set up import files.  Set up one administrator account (district administrator, school administrator, or technology coordinator designation), and use the “create an account with a code” button to have students join.  This feature is specifically intended for private tutors, extra-curricular programs, and educators that do not have technology specialists available to set up imports from the school system SIS. 

Also, classes, teachers, and students can be added manually within the program if that better suits your needs.

This program is unique because it gives students access to analysis of twelve different practice ACTs for a very low price compared to competitors. While no student is expected to use twelve complete tests, having these resources available enables them to practice specific sections or types of questions that they need to focus on. 

Students will also be able to identify the skill sets they need to work on using this program’s diagnostic features. By analyzing the results of students’ past ACT attempts, students will be able to see what specific skill areas or question types they frequently missed using an easy-to-read, color-coded report. This will allow them to focus on what they need help with the most or allow classroom teachers to decide what a class as a whole needs help with since reports are also available for groups of students. This could help teachers create lessons that would be most helpful to their classes.

Because this program focuses on the test itself, it gives teachers the freedom to choose how to address skill gaps that the reports reveal, giving an element of flexibility to the program that many other test prep services lack. Teachers can decide what skills to focus on and for how long to focus on them, leaving them free to run their classroom while still giving them the reports and statistics they need to stay informed on how their students are doing.


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With this program, practice the ACT and get a detailed report of the areas you excel in and the areas you can target for further growth. With our reports, you can find out what specific topics you can study to raise your ACT score.