Validity. Functionality. Affordability. Using ScoreSurge, students complete questions used on actual, retired ACT exams; this experience significantly improves confidence in both critical subject skillset areas as well as familiarity with question types. ScoreSurge’s color-coded reports seamlessly highlight student strengths and areas of need based on content and type of question. Familiarity with question format, wording, and exam pacing proves to be an immensely valuable tool along students’ test preparation journeys. By eliminating the guesswork of what and how to study, ScoreSurge acts as the most affordable, effective ACT prep available to students and schools today.

Clear, detailed reports provide immediate visual analysis of individual student strengths and targeted areas for improvement based upon performance on one of twelve practice ACTs. English and Math content area results highlight specific grammatical or calculation skills necessary for further study. Reading and Science reports indicate the types of questions or skill expectations posing challenges for students. Students can feel confident that their practice performance will validly match their performance on the actual ACT, and can trust that their test prep investment centers on exactly what’s needed to boost performance and reach their individual goals.

ScoreSurge’s key tenets of flexibility, validity, and affordability make our product widely useful. Utilizing our program, students have the option to complete entire practice exams or hone in specifically on areas of known need. Similarly, educators may also assign an entire practice test or certain sections – reports can highlight needed areas of remediation or in depth exploration for groups and classes as a whole. All of this, for $.33 a day.

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With this program, practice the ACT and get a detailed report of the areas you excel in and the areas you can target for further growth. With our reports, you can find out what specific topics you can study to raise your ACT score.